Borsa Shirts – Unique nature and style


Borsa shirts represent and reflect the style of the person wearing it.

Their character merges with the personality of the wearer to provide a look that is informal but intense, genuine.

Borsa shirts are to be worn on any occasion, created for those who seek excellence and style, highlighting their identity and individuality. For those who wish to stand out.

All Borsa shirts are created with great attention to the meticulous choice of prestigious and exclusive fabrics and to lines, details, materials, finishes, as well as pressing and packaging. Careful research into fabric treatment techniques, that provides fabrics with a unique touch and softness. All this combined with expert sartorial craftsmanship.


For those who need to dream, for those who have the ever-present feeling of wide spaces, of sweeping landscapes, of a warm atmosphere.
All Borsa shirts are designed and hand-made in Italy, in Bassano del Grappa, by people who live and breathe beauty every day and convey beauty in what they do.

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Eleventy – luxury high-quality men’s collections from Milan


Eleventy is a Milanese brand operating in the luxury sector with high-quality, wide-ranging and well-defined men’s collections.  Informal, and elegant at the same time, the selected fabrics, the fit and the refined detail of each creation are traceable to the qualities synonymous with ‘Made in Italy’..

Eleventy is easy-to-wear designed to convey a relaxed, leisurely look with textured jackets, striped blazers and hand crafted details that give them a distinctively artisanal look.
The incredibly versatile designs lend themselves to being worn in infinite combinations to reflect the personality of the wearer, from sporty chic to dinner elegance.  
“We have a unique manufacturing heritage, in which tradition coexists with innovative capacity. It’s our responsibility to protect it,” explains the CEO Marco Baldassari.
“This is why our corporate system is based on a network of 94 micro enterprises selected, from Puglia to Veneto, in line with specializations and crafts which, within a complex of different cultures and creativity, allow us respond to market demands speedily and flexibly, offering an identifiable, quality product.”
Eleventy is created from the love of detail, form and the continuous search for quality, originality and style .  And strictly Made In Italy!

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Shirts & Ties Venice is a new store in the City of London that offers unique designer menswear brands and accessories from top elegant, stylish and innovative Italian artisan fashion houses.

We bring to the UK a selection of the best brands and items of clothing, accessories and footwear in the Italian market, superior tailored formal dress shirts, suits, trousers, coats and jackets.

The products are designed to perfection through a high level of research into materials, fit, and a steady stream of innovation and taste, always remembering the originality and traditions of ‘made in Italy’ in a wide selection of elegant fabrics, highly exclusive and sought after Italian brands such as Barba Napoli, Sartoria Partenopea, Tagliatore, Cantarelli, Herno, Truzzi, Finamore and Mickey P.

One of our greatest skills at Shirts & Ties Venice, is to seek out, find and bring to you high quality tailored formal dress shirts in a wide selection of elegant fabrics.

10172780_376403749203529_7549846524488361514_nShirts & Ties Venice is a company known worldwide, among our large international client base, not only for its stunning location in one of the most beautiful and characteristic cities in the world, but also especially for our originality, professionalism and sense of fun.

To choose Shirts & Ties Venice is to choose the best.

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Barba Napoli


Barba is a fashion lifestyle inspired by the art of antique Neapolitan tailoring, excellence, refinement and elegance all rolled into one.

Founded in 1988, the company started out as a small outlet but today has considerably expanded to a state of the art modern facility situated in Arzano a province of Naples, covering an area of 6000 square meters and employing over 110 staff.

Originally Barba operated by selling shirts only to elite Neapolitan clientele, but due to their precision and mastery in cutting, an eye for accuracy in detail and an excellence in selecting fabrics, Barba soon found its path all over Italy and Europe. Through years of passion, research and development and vast expertise in the field of fabrics they have acquired a deep engrained culture in the art of shirt making. Barba is now recognized globally as a result.


All phases of production happen inside the establishment itself allowing Lello and Mario Barba to carry out a thorough and scrupulous inspection during every phase. Only professionals with a background and experience of design, tailoring and fabrics are selected by the company, many have skills in hand sewing passed down to them from generation to generation.

The shirt making process begins with the pressmark and cutting of the material. Every cut is then assembled on a luminous table so as to detect any possible flaws or imperfections in the fabric. The second phase is the stitching using tiny half stitches, and then the sleeves called “tunics” are attached. images-6

Then the checking and the finishing phases; hand embroidered button holes, perfectly matching shirt stripes especially under the collar line, pattern symmetry, the uniqueness of lateral stitching which should only overlap by two millimeters and shirt borders finished off by hand with a tiny and elegant hem. A sophisticated, disciplined operation producing an exquisite handmade article, ready to be acquired by that expert customer with an eye for excellence.


Shirt making has always been the prime passion of the Barba family but throughout the years, other garments have been introduced making the company a Total Look producer in clothing.


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Cantarelli – A story of Style


“No one buys a jacket any more on the basis of the fact that they need it. The basis is new emotional impulse. ” – Alessandro Cantarelli

Cantarelli suits and jackets define elegance, functionality and comfort. They express a lifestyle, a model of living, which identifies Cantarelli as one of the very best and exclusive producers of Italian tailored creations, renowned and appreciated all over the world.

Each piece conveys a precise code and technical form adapted to tease out a specific personal trait of the man that sets him apart with class.


cantarelli-mens-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-2015-pitti11Mauro Ranieri Cantarelli, was the original founder of Cantarelli S.p.A which was born in 1994, with three production facilities located in Rigutino and Terontola in the province of Arezzo.   Current Managing Director Alessandro Cantarelli, took over the helm from his father over seven years ago and during this period led his company through major technical and process restructuring as well as reinvention of style and design that exudes the very essence of Italian fashion.

Cantarelli now provides work for about 700 in-house imaginative designers, highly experienced tailors and skilled operatives, who work to create a blend of classic and contemporary products that convey the exclusive signature of the Cantarelli brand.


STV_june_001Cantarelli has always been closely associated with top class shouldered garments.  The brand offers modern and elegant suits with slim fit, single breasted jackets with peak lapel with particular fancies. The collections reflect an ongoing, constant search for beauty, refinement and quality.


They confirm Cantarelli’s absolute leadership position as innovators, and are rooted in the original approach and authenticity embodied by their brand.



Once upon a time, all suits and shirts were tailor made. It’s the industrial revolution proceeding technological advances that have lead to the availability of the seemingly infinite range of off-the shelf options that we are familiar with. Bespoke_full

The difference between our off-the shelf options and our made-to measure is all about CONTROL. Control over how you would like your suit or shirt to fit your very specific body shape and control over specific changes you would like to make to your items depending on your style preferences.

The cut of a Cantarelli made-to-measure suit is rather distinctive; with the fabrics originating from Loro Piana. Cantarelli made-to -measure suiting offers a tapered silhouette and modern classic fit, which is ideal for the broad shouldered or athletic physique. For the gentleman looking for sartorial detailing, Cantarelli’s made to measure collection offers lightweight, comfortable garments that look as appropriate in the business world as outside of it.


So with such a wide variety of options available to you, why wouldn’t you want to go with a made-to measure suit?

Shirts & Ties Venice offers a full made to measure service delivering highly tailored and fitted shirts and suits, made in Italy and ready for collection within 30 days of the order.


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Andrea Ventura Firenze


Founded in 2007 by the Soldini Roberto family, shoe makers since 1963, in collaboration with stylist Andrea Ventura, the elegant brand and philosophy born of the same name is creating a success story of quality – Made in Italy.

AV 2

Andrea Ventura’s objective is to satisfy the independent customer, the one who loves innovation and originality yet insists on the tradition of quality in the detail. What makes them special is the way they have reinvented the look of the classical shoe, creating unconventional concepts in footwear, inspired by our changing world, nature and fantasy.

The “Tasca” or pocket concept-style has been extremely successful ever since its creation in 2008. Materials used for the uppers in the Tasca concept evoke luxury and stimulate soft emotions combined with lasting durability.


So as to guarantee flexibility even with leather soles, Andrea Ventura Firenze has perfected a special patented construction, first adopted in the concept Tasca but also used in other types of traditionally rigid footwear, the result is…extraordinary.



Andrea Ventura shoes are sold in all well-known luxury stores in major cities, such as Florence, Milan, Capri, Cortina d’Ampezzo Montecarlo, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and London, where Shirts & Ties Venice, are the exclusive UK stockist of Andrea Ventura Firenze shoes.

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Alessandro Gherardi Shirts


Since the 1970s the name of Alessandro Gherardi has been linked with the ultimate in shirt making. The Alessandro Gherardi Shirt Factory pursues a culture of quality, research and passion and shares this with all those involved in its mission.  The classical combinations of style, elegance and formality are the values of this brand. Exquisite made to order men’s shirts produced by methods of the latest technology without ever jeopardising tradition.

images-10The Alessandro Gherardi service features a choice of seven collars and four cuffs, along with more than five hundred fabrics to choose from provided by the most respected fabric manufacturers in Italy. images-7

Crafted from luxury cotton and available in a range of designs from traditional poplin to contrast collars and checked shirts, the Alessandro Gherardi menswear collection offers the perfect complement to any suit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.20.40 copy

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Orciani – Nobuckle Belt

Dynamism, unconventionality, creativity, superb raw materials, and a passion for outstanding artisan workmanship – those are the points that characterise Orciani brand.


Inspired by his early days of business, when he was forced to think up an alternative closing system because he had no available buckles, in 2013, Claudio Orciani- the founder of the Company – invented Nobuckle, which replaced the traditional buckle belt. A belt different from the classic ones sold on the market.

Described as a barrier breaker, the Nobuckle belt is adjustable and offers a no-size option, adapting to any body shape. The system leaves no wear-related marks on the belt, which does not set off metal detectors and is nickel-free.


“The Nobuckle man who wears this belt perfectly epitomises the idea of today’s cosmopolitan globe trotter who identifies with the idea of travel, physical and intellectual exercise in a world that is increasingly globalised, frenetic and in constant evolution,” stated Orciani.

Orciani is also a company that respects nature and uses alternative energies. The plant has a photovoltaic solar panel system that supplies power to a geothermal unit used for heating and air conditioning.



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Timeless Elegance – Truzzi Shirts

Timeless Elegance

A Passion for shirts that goes back over a century and continues today with all the magic of an immutable legend. Truzzi, the shirt maker was founded in 1890 by Luigia Truzzi, in a period when sophistication was the reserve of a noble elite. Truzzi has been satisfying its customers’ uncompromising demands for quality and elegance ever since. This elitist spirit survived even after 1948 when the business was taken over by Tina and Ferruccio Ballini and the same spirit lives on today in the original atelier in via Santa Eufemia.

thumb_Lavoro_10052Superior tailoring, refined style and tradition based on authentic values such as the simple yet invaluable ingredients that brought success to Truzzi. An international success too, which in the course of a century earned the favour of such illustrious figure as  Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, Herbert Von Karajan, Leopold Strokowsky, Eugenio Montale, Vittorio De Sica and Gary Cooper, who all went to Truzzi for their made to measure shirts.

A Family Tradition

A Truzzi shirts survives the test of time. It’s a classic product which, as such, rises above ephemeral fashion in every epoque. Luigi Ballini inherited an extraordinary sense of elegance from his father Ferruccio. His tailoring skills have earned him well deserved success and the esteem of those devoted to elegance. In the Truzzi atelier, Luigi Ballini practises and teaches the art of sewing, to make splendid shirts all crafted to perfection by hand. truzzi 7

After it was acquired by Saitt, Truzzi upgraded its customer service and widened its scope. Today, in fact, Truzzi also means seasonal collections and bespoke services in all the boutiques distributing the brand world-wide . Yet nothing has changed. As always, the best fabrics are selected, the finest cottons, the softest linens and the most precious silks. In the best Truzzi tradition, the wearability of of the end product is the fruit of a long process of developing the models used for cutting, of a handcraft tradition and a passion that have been handed down through four generations.

The Finer Points of Elegance

Elegance is never ostentatious, it is a crowing refinement of a great many small, precious details. In Latin elegans denoted someone who was able to eligere , to choose. So according to tradition, being elegant meant being able to choose, to recognise all the tiny details from a taste for fine dressing. Elegance demands knowledge. This is why the sophisticated details of Truzzi shirts don’t merely represent an eccentric habit but are expression of knowledge, a rich heritage of sartorial know-how that has always been at the service of elegance.

The Collar

Collars are fused or non-fused. Non fused collars are made of pieces of cloth sewn together to form a core. The whole process is by hand. More modern fused collars have the same refined look as the non-fused collars but add a touch of practicality too.

truzzi 5 The collar has removable stiffeners. The gussets where the stiffener is inserted is made in such a way that it doesn’t make the tip of the collar over-heavy. The slit on the back of the collar makes it lighter around the fold and thus easier to turn. An elegant and sophisticated detail that also serves to distinguish non-fused from fused collar shirts.The Truzzi collection has over 20 different collar models.


The Stitching

The shoulders, sleeve seams, neck seam and cuff seams are all hand stitched. The sleeve is attached to the body with a wide double fell seam: the same stitching but narrower is applied down the sides. This handcraft technique produces extremely strong and refined looking seams.truzzi 6

The “botta”, on the other hand, is a special stitching for the sleeves, which are never perpendicular to the body but slightly oblique. This technique prevents unsightly creasing around the armpits and improves the shirt’s wearability. The sides have flat-fell seams. The sleeves are only applied when the entire side has been sewn. This procedure is similar to that used in tailoring jackets and makes for perfect wearability. The mouche is hand sewn on the sides to join the base of the stitching in the hem at the bottom of the shirts.


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Shirts & Ties Venice is a new store in the City of London offering unique designer menswear brands and accessories from top elegant, stylish and innovative Italian artisan fashion houses
One of our greatest skills at Shirts & Ties is to seek out, find and bring to our customers superior tailored formal dress shirts, suits, trousers, coats and jackets in a wide selection of elegant fabrics

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